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How Regular Dental Exams Lower Your Risk For Future Cavities

The role preventive dental exams play in fighting cavities should be clear – after all, each visit includes a professional teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, many people will feel that they are doing a sufficient job cleaning their teeth, and can be fine even if they forgo regular checkups. It is important to know that while your brushing and flossing efforts can protect you against plaque and food debris, you will leave tartar unaddressed. Your hygienist is able to remove this material, so you will be protected against potential cavities, and issues with periodontal disease. In addition to this preventive care, checkups are also important because your dentist can recognize problems in their early stages, and address them.

Understanding What Makes Tartar Such A Problem For Your Oral Health

Tartar is difficult because it can resist your daily oral care efforts. You may feel confident that you are brushing and flossing effectively, but even if you are, existing tartar can persist. Fortunately, your hygienist is able to take care of the difficult substance during routine dental cleanings. By undergoing these cleanings, you can see to it that your smile is better protected from harmful agents.

Problems You Can Face When You Miss Out On Timely Cavity Treatment

If your dentist recognizes a cavity that has started to form, they can put a stop to it with prompt restorative dental care. Losing out on that early intervention can leave you in need of more involved work on a tooth. For example, you may not plan to go in for preventive dental care, but find yourself making an appointment to have a persistent toothache checked. If that toothache is the consequence of an untreated cavity, you may be in need of root canal therapy. Earlier detection and treatment could have made this procedure unnecessary.

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