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Can Bad Breath Be A Symptom Of Poor Oral Health?

While we can all struggle with bad breath after certain meals, an ongoing occurrence can start to trouble you. Having chronic bad breath can make you self-conscious, and it can leave you reaching for a mint every time you walk into a social situation. This problem can certainly lead to embarrassment, but should you see it as a possible sign of poor oral health? In some cases, this concern – also referred to as halitosis – can be a symptom of an issue your dentist may need to address. In some cases, it could suggest that your daily preventive dental care routine is not doing enough to protect your teeth. It could also be an indicator of gum disease, or evidence of a cavity.

Seeking Your Dentist’s Help With Gum Disease

Many people who have problems with chronic bad breath are experiencing problems with gum disease. Other signs of this issue can include a tendency for your gums to bleed, or any changes to the condition – a recession of gum tissue, swelling, and redness are all potential symptoms. Your dentist can help by performing an ultrasonic scaling. This involves removing harmful oral bacteria from areas of teeth that are under your gums. More advanced measures may needed if your gum disease has progressed beyond the stage of gingivitis.

Make Sure Your Dental Care Efforts Are Up To The Task Of Protecting Your Smile

Your daily efforts to protect your teeth help you remove oral bacteria, and clear away any remnants of recent meals that might be stuck on, or between, your teeth. Brushing and flossing can have a considerable positive effect, as long as you take the time to floss daily, and brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice each day. These oral care sessions, along with the professional cleaning your hygienist provides, can help you avoid concerns that might cause bad breath.

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