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Can Periodontal Problems Be A Serious Concern?

Gingivitis is a problem that deserves treatment, but with proper care, your gum tissue can be protected. Your dentist can actually help by performing an ultrasonic scaling, which can eliminate bacteria that are causing problems below your gum line. What you should know is that it is possible for a periodontal infection to worsen, and create more problems for your oral health, and even your general health. If you fail to respond, you could allow poor gum health to cause significant damage to teeth, and even tooth loss! While an ultrasonic scaling can be effective against gingivitis, your periodontist can offer up more involved treatment to help you if you develop more advanced issues.

Why The Health Of Your Gums Could Lead To Tooth Loss

Why is there a risk for tooth loss among patients with advanced periodontal issues? One of the symptoms of your condition can be a deterioration of the tissues that support your teeth. If this is not addressed, you could find yourself losing important dental support, which can lead to extractions, or teeth being lost on their own.

Using An Ultrasonic Scaling To Address Gingivitis

By spotting gingivitis, your dentist can make sure you receive the appropriate care. Patients who receive an ultrasonic scaling enjoy a thorough cleaning of their teeth below the gum line. This treatment can attack those bacteria that have created health concerns. By undergoing an ultrasonic scaling when you show signs of gingivitis, you can protect yourself from needing more involved work from your periodontist. If you do allow your problem to worsen, you may find yourself undergoing gum contouring or grafting, which can be performed to excise significantly damaged tissue.

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