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How Your Stress Levels Can Affect Your Oral Health

Daily stress is a problem for many people. A busy work life, and a hectic schedule at home, can leave many of us feeling a little on edge. Unfortunately, stress can have a notable negative impact on the quality of your health. You might not realize it, but those effects even extend into your oral health. One reason for this is simply that stress can interfere with your efforts to keep up with your preventive dental care needs, which can lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. It can also be worrying because it can lead to issues with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism, which can carry serious consequences.

Skipping Or Rushing Your Oral Care Regimen Can Leave You Vulnerable To Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Have you found yourself rushing out the door in the morning before you have a chance to brush your teeth? It may seem like a minor problem, but remember that you are leaving oral bacteria more time to wreak havoc on your teeth. Missing cleaning sessions can lead to the formation of tartar, which can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning.

Stress, TMJ Dysfunction, And Your Smile

TMJ dysfunction can be used to refer to problems that might be affecting your jaw joints, or the facial muscles that control your jaw. While there are several potential causes, stress can lead to this condition, and to bruxism, a habit of grinding your teeth at night. Your dentist can identify signs that you might be dealing with these issues during a routine dental exam. Help can come in the form of a special oral appliance, which can be used to ease stress on your jaw joints, and keep your teeth safe from grinding damage.

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