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Maintaining Smile-Friendly Habits At The Office

Most people are aware that they need to clean their teeth before bed, and upon waking in the morning. Of course, some people enjoy better results, because make the effort to fully clean their teeth when they brush, and take time to floss. Of course, even if you take pride in your typical oral care routine in the mornings and evenings, you are still vulnerable to your habits during the day. When you think about how your choices at work affect your oral health, you may find that you are engaging in certain behaviors that put you at a greater risk for cavities. Improved daily habits, along with regular dental checkups and dental cleanings, can make an important difference in your efforts to avoid tooth decay.

The Impact Your Snack Choices Can Have On Your Oral Health

Meals and snacks that are higher in sugar will put you at a greater risk for cavities. Sticky, sugary items can be especially harmful. Food debris can be more likely to stick to teeth, and the sugar will feed oral bacteria, leading to a reaction in those bacteria that damages your enamel. Unfortunately, many workplaces have vending machines stocked with potentially harmful items. By bringing healthy snacks to your office, you can avoid this issue.

Coffee At Work Can Lead To Dental Discoloration

Your daily habits affect your cavity risk, and they can cause cosmetic dental concerns. Coffee may keep you alert and active during the day, but you should know that it puts you at risk for dental discoloration. If you are already seeing signs of this problem, you can make positive changes by undergoing a teeth whitening treatment.

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