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Quiz: Making Sure You Brush And Floss Effectively

No one is surprised to hear that they should be brushing and flossing regularly if they want to keep a healthy smile. Unfortunately, while the importance of these tasks is commonly recognized, many people fail to follow through by performing them effectively. In theory, people might believe they are doing right by their smiles, but in practice, they can leave areas of their mouth poorly cleaned. That can lead to problems with gum disease, and a greater cavity risk. This is partly an issue of oversight – you might be in a rush to leave the house, or you could fall asleep before cleaning your teeth. Another problem is with poor habits, as many people fail to brush and floss effectively enough to rid their mouths of plaque and food particles. Your hygienist can warn you about areas that have particularly heavy concentrations of debris left behind when they provide your professional teeth cleaning.


True Or False: When you floss, moving the string back and forth will do enough to help you – there is not a need to move the string vertically.

True Or False: If you spend more time brushing, you can probably just skip flossing.

True Or False: Brushing and flossing diligently can help you avoid the formation of tartar. However, if this substance does form on your smile, it will take a professional dental cleaning to remove it.


False! Moving the string vertically when you floss is how you make sure the spaces between your teeth are fully cleaned.

False! Flossing reaches areas that you can fail to clean when you brush your teeth, even if you take time to brush thoroughly. Brushing for longer, or more often, should not be seen as a valid substitute for flossing.

True! Your hygienist can remove tartar with the use of professional tools and training. You can prevent its formation by keeping up with thorough daily dental care.

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