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What Kind Of Dental Care Do I Need If I Crack My Tooth?

A cracked tooth can lead to discomfort, and frustration. Unfortunately, if the problem is not addressed, it may lead to complications that affect your oral health, and your appearance. One concern is that, if it is not treated, the crack can worsen, particularly when you put pressure on the tooth when you bite or chew food. You also run the risk of an infection, as a crack can be infiltrated by bacteria. Fortunately, your dentist is prepared to deal with this matter. To protect your tooth against problems, they can perform a root canal treatment. While this is a procedure typically associated with cavity care, this can be an important form of care if you want to avoid the issues that can arise after your tooth is cracked. It should be noted that if your cracked tooth is particularly worrying, you can reach out for emergency dental care.

Seek Treatment To Avoid Infections Or Other Complications With Your Cracked Tooth

Unfortunately, a cracked tooth is not going to mend on its own if you simply leave it alone. Your dentist can take care of it so there are no risks of an internal infection, and no chance the damage will worsen. If you have a root canal performed, a dental crown can be used to protect your tooth afterward. Your dentist can produce that crown in a single appointment, thanks to E4D technology available at the practice.

Addressing The Cosmetic Effects Of Dental Damage

Should you see your dentist for relatively minor amounts of dental damage? If your tooth feels fine, but looks flawed after taking damage, you may want to discuss cosmetic dental work. You may be able to have your tooth restored in as little as one appointment, depending on your dentist’s recommended approach.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Your Cracked Tooth

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