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How Bad Can One Cavity Really Be?

Because cavities are a common problem, some patients might fail to appreciate how serious they can be. When decay results in a cavity, your tooth can suffer permanent harm. The degree of harm will continue to grow, and the problem can eventually lead to an internal infection. At their worst, cavities can result in the loss of your tooth, or the spreading of bacteria through your root and into your jawbone, which can create new concerns. If you think you might need restorative dental care for a cavity, talk to your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office. Your dentist can carefully remove the infected portion of your tooth. After this is done, they can make sure your tooth remains in good condition by providing a custom dental filling or dental crown.

Providing Proper Care For Tooth Decay

The first step to restoring your tooth after a cavity will be the careful removal of infected material. Unfortunately, the damage done will be permanent, so your tooth will not recover from what has been lost. Fortunately, modern restorations can provide the support you need while also avoiding issues with the way you look. Depending on how much harm was done to your tooth, your dentist can provide a lifelike dental filling made from composite resin, or a dental crown. Both can be provided over the course of a single appointment – the E4D technology in your dentist’s office makes it possible to provide one-visit custom crowns.

Your Dentist Can Spot A Cavity In Its Early Stages, And Limit The Harm Your Tooth Experiences

If you put off any kind of treatment until you are experiencing dental pain, you can require a root canal procedure and a dental crown for a cavity. If you keep up with regular dental appointments, your dentist can identify when something is wrong, and provide care with a dental filling. Patients who attend checkups on a recurring basis can have more protection from cavities, and are more likely to receive necessary care before there are complications.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Scheduling A Cavity Treatment

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