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Quiz: Providing Cavity Care With Lasting Benefits

You should base your approach to smile care around the goal of never having a cavity. This may seem obvious – after all, who brushes their teeth with the intent of limiting themselves to just a few cavities? The goal of “never having a cavity” means maintaining a consistent approach to smile care. If you skip brushing your teeth, or rush the practice, you increase your risk. If your diet is too high in sugar, you increase your risk. Keep in mind that a cavity’s damage is permanent. While your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can put a stop to the spread of decay, and provide you with an attractive restoration, there is no way to regain what you lose to a cavity. As reassuring as it can be to know that your dentist’s cavity treatment can have lasting benefits, and preserve the look of your tooth, keep in mind that you always want to take steps to prevent possible problems.


True Or False: Your restoration will look nothing like a natural tooth.

True Or False: Until your cavity is treated, it will continue to worsen. Putting off restorative work can mean experiencing more dental damage.

True Or False: Your dental filling or dental crown should support your tooth enough to allow you to bite and chew comfortably.


False! Modern restorations supplied by your dentist can imitate tooth structure, so your smile is not changed by the appearance of a dental crown or dental filling.

True! As long as a cavity goes untreated, it will continue to damage your tooth. If no action is taken in time, the damage will eventually spread to the interior of your tooth, and make it necessary for you to undergo a root canal procedure.

True! In addition to protecting you against infection, and hiding damage, a restoration should allow you to bite and chew food comfortably.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Offer Cavity Care With Lasting Benefits

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