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How Does A Root Canal Procedure Fit Into Cavity Treatment?

If your tooth is affected by decay, will your treatment include a root canal procedure? In some cases, this is necessary, but not everyone who schedules work for a cavity will have to undergo this particular treatment. If a cavity is identified before it exposes you to an internal tooth infection, it can be dealt with in a more conservative manner, meaning more of your healthy tooth structure is left untouched. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can determine what treatment might be appropriate for your cavity. If you require a root canal, we can make sure that the problem is properly addressed, and that your comfort is prioritized throughout your treatment. We can also provide ongoing dental exams to determine if you have any issues with decay, so we can catch a problem before it reaches this stage.

An Advanced Cavity Can Put Your Tooth In Jeopardy

If a cavity advances to the point of infecting your pulp (also known as the inner chamber of your tooth), it can be a serious oral health concern. Bacteria that infiltrate your tooth are able to harm the living tissues within, and they can eventually spread through the roots of teeth to create new health concerns. With regular preventive dental care, you can stop decay before this occurs. With that said, it is important to respond promptly if you experience chronic tooth pain or sensitivity, as these issues are signs that you might require a root canal to stop an infection.

We Can Take Care Of Your Tooth With A Root Canal

At our practice, we can provide treatment for a tooth in need of endodontic support. In other words, we can help if there is a concern about a problem affecting your pulp. While this work is often done for advanced tooth decay, it can also be called for if you need to restore the health of a badly cracked tooth, or if you have a new issue with a tooth that has been treated previously. During any endodontic procedure, we can make sure a threat is fully addressed, so you can enjoy restored oral health.

Restoring Your Tooth After Your Cavity Has Been Addressed

Even a small cavity does some permanent damage to a person’s tooth. If you have a root canal, a dental crown will be needed to make sure that the tooth is fully protected. Because we have E4D technology at our practice, we can actually construct this restoration for you in a single appointment, so your issue can be resolved in less time than you might think possible.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Scheduling A Root Canal

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