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We Can Provide Fillings That Match Your Tooth Structure

With the consistent care you enjoy at routine dental exams, and important oral hygiene efforts at home, you can successfully keep your teeth free from dental decay. Unfortunately, cavities are still a common problem, and they can even affect those individuals who feel confident in their oral care routine. When our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice discovers that a patient has a cavity, we are ready to provide restorative dental work that protects the health of their smile, while also preserving the way it looks. If you need a dental filling, we can provide one that closely matches the look of your enamel. While tooth-colored fillings are exciting for the way they look, you can be happy to know they are also capable of offering great protection to your tooth structure!

The Right Dental Filling Can Blend In With Your Smile

A modern dental filling can match the color and texture of your tooth, giving you a type of protection that allows you to remain confident in your smile. The composite resin material that we use to help patients regain their oral health has an impressively lifelike look, as well as the ability to bond with your enamel. The security provided by this bond can help you feel confident that your tooth will remain healthy – it also ensures that your filling will not leave any space between it and your tooth structure where bacteria can gather.

When Is It Appropriate To Restore A Tooth With A Filling?

A filling is not always the recommended solution for tooth decay. If your cavity is too large, and your tooth needs significant support, a dental crown can be required. With that said, people who are consistent about their dental checkups can count on cavities being identified in their early stages. This means you can count on receiving a discreet filling, and having your concerns about your overall oral health fully resolved.

We Can Make Sure A Problem With Your Tooth Is Completely Restored

Our practice is ready to help patients with routine restorative services, as well as those who might need more involved treatment because of advanced decay. We are prepared to perform a root canal procedure if your cavity has led to internal problems. This procedure can put an end to active discomfort, and stop bacteria from spreading beyond the tooth and doing further harm to your health. We are also capable of promptly restoring teeth that require dental crowns. This is thanks to the E4D technology we use to craft one-visit crowns. These convenient restorations boast durability and a natural look, so you can be happy with the protection your tooth has while also feeling comfortable with the way you look!

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Receiving A Tooth-Colored Filling

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