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What Can Happen If You Delay Treatment For Tooth Decay?

At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we provide important routine dental services to help our patients avoid problems with tooth decay. Unfortunately, even people who consistently try to protect themselves against cavities can wind up needing work done to restore their oral health. If you have an issue with tooth decay, make sure the matter is addressed promptly. When action is not taken, a cavity can continue to damage your tooth structure, eventually moving beyond your enamel to cause an internal infection! We are prepared to restore a cavity in its early stage, but we have also cared for many people who arrived in need of a root canal procedure to address complications from decay.

Tooth Decay Can Continue To Worsen If It Is Not Addressed

Your brushing and flossing routines can keep bacteria from gathering on your teeth, which can protect you against potential tooth decay. While consistent preventive dental care helps sustain healthy teeth, your daily habits are not capable of repairing or stopping the growth of a cavity that has already formed. When a cavity is present, the damage to your tooth will continue to worsen over time. You can start to feel serious discomfort because of an infection, and it is possible for a cavity to ultimately make tooth extraction necessary!

We Can Restore Your Tooth, And Preserve Its Appearance

At our practice, we are prepared to carefully study your tooth, identify the appropriate restorative dental procedure, and put a total stop to decay. Dental fillings are often used to restore teeth affected by decay. The fillings we provide are biocompatible resin, and bond directly with your tooth structure. Root canal procedures are performed whenever a cavity causes the infection of a tooth’s pulp. We will carefully remove the infection from your pulp before restoring it, and arranging the placement of a dental crown on your tooth. Because we rely on E4D technology at our practice, it is possible to have your restoration in place after just one appointment.

Avoid Problems With Tooth Decay By Staying Consistent With Dental Exams

How can you protect yourself against tooth decay, and avoid problems with advanced cavities? Your daily oral care regimen is important, but you should also seek preventive dental care on a regular basis. Semiannual dental checkups provide you with consistent teeth cleanings, as well as thorough evaluations that can lead to the detection and early treatment of oral health issues.

Schedule Treatment For Tooth Decay At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, patients who have problems with tooth decay can count on quality care that preserves their smile! We also provide important preventive services that help you preserve the condition of your enamel. Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling our office at (508) 842-8838.