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Flossing Regularly Helps Keep Teeth And Gums Healthy

If you want to put up an effective fight against gum disease and tooth decay, there are several actions you should take. Brushing your teeth thoroughly will help you keep bacteria and food debris off your teeth. When you pay attention to your diet and restrict your intake of sugars and starches, you can deprive harmful oral bacteria of food, and limit the damage they can cause your enamel. Flossing is another important effort – while people often recognize the importance of flossing, they can perform this task infrequently, or not at all. While your Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can help you maintain your healthy smile with expert dental cleanings, you should make sure you do your part to fight decay and gingivitis by flossing regularly.

Flossing Protects Hard-To-Reach Areas Of Your Enamel

There are portions of your teeth that your toothbrush can have a hard time cleaning. The areas where your teeth meet are tough to reach with the bristles of a brush because of a lack of space for them. While you may not have much room for bristles, bacteria and food debris can certainly find room enough to accumulate! If you want to give yourself an effective defense against cavities, and avoid restorative dental work, make sure you floss on a daily basis.

Your Flossing Routine Can Help You Avoid Gingivitis

Cleaning at your gum line is important, because bacteria can travel beneath your periodontal tissues and cause problems like gingivitis. The act of flossing helps you avoid periodontal troubles because you are able to reach areas of your gum line that are hard to access. People who floss each day can keep these spaces clean, and avoid troubles with infections. However, if you are not consistent with flossing, your dentist may need to recommend an ultrasonic scaling to deal with an infection that has already occurred.

Combining Daily Oral Care With Expert Teeth Cleanings

Regular dental exams and teeth cleanings provide you with a valuable line of defense against tooth decay, gum disease, and other threats to your dental well-being. In order to support your dentist’s efforts to protect your smile, you should put time and effort into cleaning your teeth on your own. If you have struggled with tooth decay and gum disease in the past, you can ask for guidance from your dentist to help better protect your smile.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, patients who want to keep their teeth in good health can count on us to provide important preventive services. Between appointments, you should do your part to protect your oral health by maintaining an effective routine based around brushing and flossing.  Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling our office at (508) 842-8838.