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An Ultrasonic Scaling Can Help If You Have Gingivitis

When you brush and floss your teeth, you fight the buildup of bacteria on your teeth that can cause dental decay. You also remove harmful agents that threaten to infect your gum tissues and cause gingivitis. Unfortunately, even with consistent habits in place, many people will arrive at a routine dental exam with evidence of gingivitis. In this situation, our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can help you. With an ultrasonic scaling, we can target the bacteria beneath your gums that are causing your infection. By fighting gingivitis in this way, we can give your periodontal tissues the chance to return to good health. This prevents potential complications that can occur from a prolonged infection!

How Do I Know If I Have Gingivitis?

Simply put, if you want information about your periodontal health, see your dentist! During a routine dental visit, we can check your gums for any evidence of an infection that might need to be addressed. You can look out for signs of gingivitis between these appointments by watching for these symptoms:

  • Gums that bleed easily when you clean your smile
  • Gum tissues that appear discolored, or that seem to be swollen
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Changes in your gum line

By watching for signs of infection, you can recognize when you might need to work on your efforts to clean at your gum line. With that said, you should still attend regular dental exams for information on your oral health. In addition to providing you with updates about the condition of your smile, you can receive an important routine dental cleaning, and – if necessary – an ultrasonic scaling.

Undergoing An Ultrasonic Scaling

An ultrasonic scaling differs from a traditional professional teeth cleaning, as it is focused on removing harmful agents that accumulate beneath your gum line. With an ultrasonic tool, we can more comfortably address the buildup of plaque on your teeth below your gums. This cleaning process also focuses on treating the surfaces of teeth so that future bacteria have a more difficult time accumulating.

Other Preventive Measures That Help You Protect Your Smile

When you improve your daily oral hygiene habits, you better protect yourself against gum disease, and also make problems requiring restorative dental work less likely. Make sure you brush at least twice a day, and clean thoroughly at your gum line to fight potential infections. You should also take the time to floss at least one time each day.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Provide You With An Ultrasonic Scaling

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA, patients who are struggling with periodontal troubles can come to us for support. An ultrasonic scaling helps you fight gingivitis, or provide a measure of control for more severe periodontal disease. To learn more, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.