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Do I Need To Worry About A Crown That Feels Loose?

If you have a dental crown put in place, it is meant to keep your tooth safe while also helping you enjoy a natural bite function. With that in mind, a crown that feels less supportive because it seems loose is a problem that should be addressed by your dentist. Leaving the restoration poorly secured can lead to problems with your bite, and it can put your vulnerable tooth at risk for new problems! Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist is prepared to help you deal with a crown that is starting to feel loose, or otherwise insecure. With the E4D technology available at our office, we can actually create a new, lifelike restoration for you in just one appointment!

A Dental Crown Provides Bite Support And Protection For A Tooth

A crown is a permanent dental restoration that helps you bite and chew without affecting your vulnerable tooth. For the sake of providing adequate support, a restoration should feel secure at all times. Just as you should be concerned about a tooth that feels loose, you should be concerned if your restoration begins to loosen.

We Can Replace An Older Dental Crown

Dental crowns are made from durable materials to ensure that they remain in position and intact through years of biting and chewing pressures. Of course, like a natural tooth, a dental crown can be damaged, which means a replacement could be required. You can be happy to know that our practice is able to provide a lifelike crown in just one appointment, so we can make short work of the matter. This is thanks to E4D technology that gives us the tools to measure and digitally design a restoration before producing it in-house. These crowns are made from lifelike ceramic, so the work you undergo can restore your appearance as well as your dental function.

What Can I Do To Make Sure My Restoration Stays In Good Condition?

If you are not keeping up with regular dental exams, you may allow problems with your oral health to go unchecked. This can include problems with tooth decay and dental trauma, but it can also mean letting a problem with a loosening dental filling or crown go untreated. Make sure you see your dentist for semiannual exams to avoid these problems. You should also take the time to brush and floss thoroughly each day, and be careful about damaging a crown by biting into hard surfaces.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist About A Loose Crown

At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, patients who experience problems with dental crowns can come to us for help! With the E4D technology we use to produce one-visit restorations, we can promptly restore your tooth with a new crown that provides cosmetic and functional support. To find out more, please call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury today at (508) 842-8838.