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Ultrasonic Scaling

Poor periodontal health is an issue to take seriously. When the tissues that support your teeth become unhealthy, your risk for tooth loss rises, and you are vulnerable to complications that threaten your overall health!

Because we have an on-site periodontist to support our patients, we can make the start of treatment for gum disease more convenient. One form of help comes from ultrasonic scaling. Also known as a deep cleaning, this service removes the bacteria on teeth roots to clear the agents responsible for your infection.

How Ultrasonic Scaling Fights Gum Disease

At a typical dental checkup, a professional cleaning will focus on the spaces above the gums. If a patient shows signs of gingivitis or more advanced gum disease, we can recommend ultrasonic scaling as an alternative to remove bacteria that are causing difficulties.

Ultrasonic scaling differs from traditional teeth cleanings by clearing away the deposits of plaque and tartar found on your roots. The ultrasonic tool we use makes the work of clearing away harmful microbes from these sensitive spaces more comfortable. By providing this care, we can help you avoid the more severe consequences of an infection such as tooth loss, attachment loss, gum recession, and more.

We Can Determine If You Should Start Work With A Periodontist

Our practice has a periodontist at our location who can help patients affected by more severe gum disease issues. Because we can recommend you for on-site care rather than sending you a specialist, we can start your support sooner and make the beginning of specialized service easier.

Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Area Dental Office Provides Ultrasonic Scaling And Periodontal Visits

Ultrasonic scaling can provide valuable protection to a person who shows signs of gum disease. In addition to providing this protection, we have an on-site periodontist who can begin treatment for patients who show signs of more severe periodontal problems in need of attention. For more information, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at 508-842-8838.