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Improvements in dental imaging technology have made diagnostic and preventive reviews more convenient and comfortable. Thanks to digital radiography, we can thoroughly review your oral health while producing less radiation when capturing images, and we can project and go over them with you in a shorter time.

Another benefit to digital imaging is the ability to capture detailed 3D models of teeth, roots, jawbone structure, and oral tissues. These visual models are important to restorative and cosmetic treatment plans, and they make the planning for your care surprisingly comfortable.

Using 3D Imaging In Smile Care

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) enables us to capture the digital 3D images of your teeth that we need to plan your care. Multiple cone beam X-ray images are taken from different angles; once captured, those images are combined to create a model of your tooth.

This is a more comfortable alternative than the messy and awkward process of creating a physical mold of your bite with plaster material. It also provides faster and remarkably detailed images to work from. Thanks to these images, we can plan work to restore and replace teeth with greater ease. We can even depend on the images we capture to plan more ambitious smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction plans.

Learn How Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Uses 3D Images To Plan Smile Care

With the technology to capture detailed digital 3D models of your teeth and oral structures, we gain important measurements and information used to plan a range of services. In addition to providing remarkable accuracy and convenience, this can be a welcome alternative to the unpleasant process of biting into plaster to make a physical mold. To find out more about how this technology can affect your experience with care, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at 508-842-8838.