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Pediatric Dentistry

Early smile care can set a foundation for a lifetime of good dental health. Starting with your child’s first appointment, we can provide comfort and care to them while helping you understand how you can protect their developing smile at home. Because we meet with patients of all ages, we can provide valuable dental support to your entire household!

Care Provided During Pediatric Dental Visits

We typically see children around the time of their second birthday. During this visit, we carefully evaluate their developing teeth and oral structures and perform a gentle cleaning to protect against decay. In addition to direct care, we provide a warm introduction to our office and offer guidance to parents on at-home oral hygiene efforts.

Over time, kids will receive care that more closely resembles adult dental exams and cleanings. As we do this, we continue to monitor their growth and look for any developmental concerns, like poor smile alignment, that will require attention.

How Fluoride And Sealants Fit Into Children’s Dentistry

A child’s teeth are as susceptible to decay as an adult’s, which is why smart smile care is important. Fluoride and dental sealants both lower kids’ risks for decay. Fluoride treatments reduce risks that decay will form by supporting the health of enamel. With dental sealants, we provide a barrier to keep bacteria and food particles from directly gathering on teeth. We will consult with you about the appropriate times for these services.

Bring Your Kids For Smile Care At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury!

Our practice is ready to help patients of all ages protect their smiles from harm. Beginning with their initial appointment, we can help your little ones learn to keep their teeth healthy and develop positive relationships with dental care. To find out more, call our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dental office at 508-842-8838.