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Dental bridges permanently close gaps created by tooth loss without the need for oral surgery. The restoration is capable of replacing one tooth or several adjacent teeth; a pair of dental crowns that cap neighboring teeth are used to keep the prosthesis secure.

The Role A Dental Bridge Plays In Prosthodontic Care

With a dental bridge, we can permanently close an empty space in your smile. The custom appliance consists of at least one pontic—the replacement tooth itself—as well as a pair of dental crowns at each end. The crowns cap the teeth that are on either side of the gap to keep the restoration secure. This arrangement makes the treatment process conservative while giving you support that improves your ability to enjoy a natural, comfortable bite.

When patients undergo tooth extractions or come in with concerns about past tooth loss, bridge placement is one of many solutions that we can offer to make their smile whole again. The bridge is a permanent fix for one missing tooth or several adjacent teeth. Based on your needs, we can also review options including dental implant placement and restoration or a partial or full denture.

Receiving A Dental Bridge To Address Tooth Loss

With a dental bridge, we can close a gap in your smile permanently without the need for oral surgery. Our practice takes care to craft and place the restoration to ensure that it boasts the right appearance and offers functional support. For more information on this and other solutions for tooth loss, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at 508-842-8838.