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Just one lost tooth creates complications in your health and daily life. When several are missing, it can be more frustrating, particularly when those teeth are not next to each other. Fortunately, dental partials give our practice the means to restore an incomplete smile when you are missing several non-adjacent teeth.

The Difference Between A Partial And Full Denture

When you picture a denture, you may imagine a restoration that fully restores a row of teeth. This is an important prosthesis, as it addresses a significant problem, but it is not the only appliance needed to treat patients. If you are missing several but not all of your teeth in a row, a partial denture can close all gaps with just a single restoration. Carefully placed clasps help to secure these appliances; you also have the option to provide additional support with an adhesive material.

Planning Your Smile Restoration

Based on your needs and goals for prosthetic work, we may recommend a partial denture. It is carefully designed to address your specific problems with tooth loss by closing the empty spaces in your smile. In addition to the prosthetic teeth, the appliance will be made to match the gums and palate. This appliance can be worn without the need for oral surgery, as clasps and adhesive materials are capable of keeping it secure. You also have the option of having a restoration set in place with dental implants.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Treatment With A Partial Denture

Partial dentures address multiple lost teeth so that you regain confidence in your smile and feel more comfortable in daily life. For more information on what this restoration can do for you, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury today at 508-842-8838.