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Through regular dental exams, you can learn about a cavity before it starts to make you uncomfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive a timely warning about decay. If you forgo routine checkups, you can remain unaware of the problem until it is in its advanced stage. Severe cavities often require root canal treatment, which removes infected tissues from the tooth’s inner structure.

Our practice is prepared to help when this kind of endodontic work is needed to restore oral health. In addition to performing the initial treatment, we do offer retreatment, which refers to subsequent care if a tooth continues to hurt or develops new problems after a root canal.

Tooth Infection And Root Canal Treatment

Cavities start at the surface of a tooth, but as bacteria continue to do damage and enlarge the harm to your structure, they can move within it. Bacteria that gather in your pulp—the central chamber of your tooth—can cause alarming pain and put you at risk for further health complications. Root canal treatment removes the infected tissues and clears bacteria from the pulp. After completing this work, we will seal this space and prepare your tooth for treatment with a dental crown. We should note that in some cases of physical trauma, root canals are performed to deal with subsequent infection or internal harm.

When Is Retreatment Necessary?

Typically, root canal treatment will resolve the problems associated with infection. In a case where not all bacteria are removed or new problems form, retreatment becomes necessary. Let us know if you experience discomfort after undergoing your initial procedure. A timely intervention can resolve problems or reveal any additional complications that must be addressed.

Talk To Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Area Dental Office About Root Canal Treatment

Through root canal treatment and retreatment, we can tend to issues within your pulp that put your health and comfort in jeopardy. To find out more about our experience with this important service, or to book your next visit, reach out to Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at 508-842-8838.