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The Loving Relationship Between Milk and Teeth

Most people are aware that your dietary habits greatly influence the state of your oral health. After all, everything you eat and drink enters your body through your mouth, and without diligent care and maintenance, many of these substances can contribute to destructive dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. However, not everything in your meals is detrimental to your oral health; some foods and drink can actually benefit you’re the health of your smile. For instance, milk, which is known for improving the health and strength of your bones, can also be crucial to the health and strength of your teeth. Your Shrewsbury dentists, Dr. Pizzi and Dr. Messina, explain how milk benefits your oral health, and why your teeth thank you for drinking it.

How Milk Bulks Up Your Teeth’s Defenses

The key to milk’s dental benefits are no secret, and are found in the same minerals (calcium and phosphate) that help strengthen your bones. Your tooth enamel, which surrounds and protects your teeth, is the strongest and most mineralized substance your body produces, consisting almost entirely of mineral crystals such as calcium and phosphate.

Though strong, enamel is subject to erosion in the midst of inadequate dental hygiene. Of the over 600 different kinds of bacteria in your mouth, some are notorious for consuming sugar and carbs and converting them into acid, which saps minerals from your teeth and weakens your tooth enamel. By consuming plenty of calcium and phosphate, you can help strengthen your teeth’s enamel in the face of acid erosion.

More than Just Milk

Besides milk, other dairy products can work wonders at fortifying your smile’s natural defenses, including cheese and sugar-free yogurt. If you’re lactose intolerant, or if you simply don’t have a taste for dairy, then speak with your dentist and physician about taking nutritional supplements. Since the human body doesn’t produce calcium naturally, the mineral must be consumed through your diet to keep your teeth, bones, and many other biological systems strong and working properly.


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