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Unveiling the Point of Your Dental Checkups

Since childhood, most people have learned how to brush and floss their teeth, and the point of doing so every day. However, besides spending a few minutes at the sink with your toothbrush and floss, effective hygiene also requires professional dental attention every once in a while (as often as your dentist recommends). The point of routine dental checkups and cleanings is to ensure that your toothbrush and floss are doing their job, as well as to intercept trouble early in case your dental hygiene at home isn’t 100% effective.

Like a Tune-Up for Your Dental Health

When you adequately use your soft-bristled toothbrush and ADA-approved dental floss, they can remove the sticky deposits of bacteria (known as plaque) that cling onto and between your teeth.  Unfortunately, even the best hygiene routines can’t always reach all of the bacteria in your mouth, and missed spots of plaque can calcify (harden) into tartar. A professional dental checkup allows your dentist or dental hygienist to remove the tartar that your brush can’t clean off, thereby reducing your risk of developing a bacteria-induced infection, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

See What Your Eyes Can’t See

Cleaning your teeth is vital to keeping them healthy, but it isn’t the only aspect of good dental health. Advanced diagnostics are an important part of your regular dental visits, and involve Dr. Pizzi or Dr. Messina thoroughly inspecting your teeth and oral cavity for signs that trouble is brewing. If preventing a dental issue fails, then detecting and treating it early can offer you the best chance of avoiding extensive dental damage, and the need for complex restorative dental treatments.


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