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FAQs About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a popular choice for patients who need to reinforce a weak tooth or cover a severely-blemished one. As fabricated replicas of your tooth’s natural crown (top portion), dental crowns are an invaluable resource, and with expert craftsmanship and an artful eye, your Shrewsbury dentists, Dr. Todd Pizzi and Dr. Luciana Messina, offer lifelike dental crowns that look and function as well as the real thing. Today, they answer some of your frequently-asked questions about dental crowns and what the modern marvels can accomplish.

All About Dental Crowns

What is a dental crown?

Deriving its name from the top, visible portion of your teeth, dental crowns are custom-crafted replicas that are designed to look real while covering and protecting your natural tooth. Dental crowns are often called caps because they fit over existing teeth, and are commonly used to reinforce teeth that have undergone a dental filling or root canal procedure.

Is a dental crown better than dental bonding?

Dental bonding describes the process of applying white composite resin to the surface of a tooth, typically to cover a cosmetic blemish such as a severe stain, minor chip, or oddly spaced tooth. The resin is tinted and polished to match your tooth’s color, but while bonding offers excellent cosmetic results, it is not as durable or as functional as a porcelain dental crown.

Can a dental crown replace a lost tooth?

Replacing a single lost tooth once required a dental bridge, which consists of a replacement tooth situated between two dental crowns. The crowns are attached to the remaining teeth adjacent to the gap, called abutment teeth, and are used to secure your fabricated tooth. By inserting a dental implant into your jawbone, however, your dentist can place a crown on top of the implant post for more effective and less obtrusive tooth replacement.


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