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Can You Whiten Just One Tooth?

It’s no wonder that teeth whitening has quickly become the most popular way to enhance your smile. Teeth are one of the first things we look at in a person, and we put them on display each time we open our mouth to speak, yawn, or eat. For a bright smile to appear as attractive and natural as possible, your teeth must be uniformly white. For most people, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, this isn’t a problem. Teeth bleaching and whitening strips can usually be used to whiten teeth that are uniformly discolored or stained, whether as the result of tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, or drinking coffee and tea. However, other causes of discoloration do not affect all of your teeth, instead targeting a single tooth. For example, several prescription medications, especially the antibiotic tetracycline, can alter the color of a few teeth. If a tooth is no longer vital, it will appear gray while the surrounding teeth remain unaffected.

A Powerful Combination of Professional Whitening Methods

We offer our patients the Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System, which treats even the most stubborn stains with a combination of in-office and home treatment. Although capable of delivering several shades of whitening, the system does not allow for the precise targeting of a single discolored tooth. If you have only one or two discolored teeth, or multiple teeth not directly adjacent to each other, your dentist may recommend an alternative cosmetic treatment. Advantages of professional whitening include:

  • More consistent results
  • Reduced risk of sensitivity in teeth
  • Personalized treatment

Single-Tooth Targeting

You’ve probably heard of veneers, widely considered to be the dental treatment among big names in Hollywood, or dental bonding, which offers similar benefits at a lower price point. Here’s the beauty of these procedures–they’re extremely versatile, capable of addressing multiple aesthetic concerns with a single procedure. Several thin layers of ceramic comprise each veneer, allowing your dentist to treat individual teeth or as many as needed. Not only do veneers boast a natural translucence similar that of your own teeth, but they can also be custom-tinted to achieve the desired shade of white. Veneers and bonding also improve the appearance of your smile by masking chips, crookedness, gaps, smallness, and irregular shapes.

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