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Decoding Your Smile Style | Cosmetic Dentist in Shrewsbury

We usually associate a smile with feelings of happiness and love, but not all smiles are used to convey the same emotions. Regardless of what feelings you hope to convey with your smile, one thing is for sure: Smiling is much easier when you like what you have to offer, says Dr. Todd Pizzi at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury. Dr. Pizzi, along with Dr. Luciana Messina, offer interesting facts about different types of smiles and their hidden meanings.

Recognize These Smiles?

The Empty Smile: At first glance, an empty smile could be mistaken for genuine sincerity. The expression “smile with your eyes” comes to mind. When the eyes aren’t smiling, there may be negative or neutral feelings just beneath the surface.

The Shy Smile: When someone is feeling shy or a bit socially awkward, they tend to flash a quick glimpse of their teeth. Although hesitant, the shy smile is genuine. We often see this type of smile from children when they meet someone new.

The Laughter Smile: The laughter smile is the gold standard for authenticity and positive emotion. Always accompanied by genuine laughter, this smile is seen most often in familiar and social situations.

The Secretive Smile: Someone whose smile reveals no hint of their teeth or gums may be guarding his or her identity, attempting to remain detached but polite.

The Sad Smile: Our least favorite smile, a very slight movement of the lips and heavy-lidded or sad eyes. Someone who adopts a sad smile may be trying to reach out in search of comfort or help.

A Better, More Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is nothing to hide. When you have the confidence and self-esteem that accompanies healthy teeth, you find more to smile about—genuine smiles, that is. Worried that your teeth are too crooked? Consider Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. If your teeth are stained brown or yellow, you may be a perfect match for teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers. Veneers are also excellent for treating chipped teeth or large gaps between teeth.

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