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Truth Whitening: Myths About Teeth Bleaching

Did you know that getting whiter teeth is the number one request among patients considering cosmetic dentistry? It’s true, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist who offers teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA. Along with Dr. Luciana Messina at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, Dr. Pizzi debunks commonly held misconceptions about the art and science of bleaching your teeth.

Busting  Common Whitening Myths

Myth: Teeth whitening kits sold over the counter are no different from home whitening kits from the dentist.

Reality: Only your dentist provides whitening trays that are custom-created specially for your teeth.

The myth persists that you can achieve the exact same results with a drugstore teeth bleaching kit than you can by visiting your dentist, but this simply isn’t true. Both kits include whitening trays that snap over your entire top or bottom arch, but only your dentist will make these trays to perfectly fit over your teeth. As a result of the improved fit, all tooth surfaces are exposed to the bleaching formula. The result is more consistent, even whitening with no splotches or untouched areas.

Myth: Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are as effective as professional whitening treatments.

Reality: These products work very well, but only in certain circumstances.

If your teeth have very light staining or plaque on the surface, you will most likely see results from using either a special toothpaste or mouth rinse. However, neither of these products can actually brighten the color of your tooth enamel. For that, you’ll need to seek professional whitening from your Shrewsbury cosmetic dentist. Our Kor Deep Bleaching System has proven more effective than these products for treating more resilient staining and discoloration.

Myth: Professional whitening treatment can remove any stains or discoloration, no matter how severe.

Reality: Even professional teeth bleaching has its limits.

The most severe stains, such as those caused by decades of tobacco use or neglect, do not always achieve the desired level of whitening. Fortunately, patients whose teeth are so badly stained have other options. You may be a candidate for either porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Both procedures do more than just whiten, if needed. We also use them to address gaps between teeth, as well as chips, cracks, and crookedness.

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