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Breakfast, Brunch, and Braces in Shrewsbury, MA

As anyone who has ever worn traditional metal braces will tell you, orthodontic treatment requires a major commitment to hygiene and a willingness to make some sacrifices. This is immediately obvious to the braces wearer who sits down to lunch only discover that his or her favorite foods are no longer an option. Dr. Todd Pizzi notes that there is a world of difference between metal braces and invisible braces in Shrewsbury, MA, but focuses for the moment on how orthodontia and food mix (or don’t).

What You Can and Can’t Eat

The list of foods to avoid when undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment is a mile long, it seems. Chewing gum is out of the question, as are any especially chewy or sticky goodies. Biting into crisp vegetables and fruits—essential parts of a healthy diet—becomes riskier with brackets cemented to your teeth. Even bread becomes problematic for someone who wears metal braces. Food becomes paste-like and easily caught in wires and bands. With ClearCorrect and Invisalign clear braces, you are not restricted in the foods you can eat, says Dr. Pizzi. When it is time to eat, you simply pop out the aligners.

Cleaning Your Teeth After Meals

Not only can you eat more of your favorite foods; you can do so without worrying whether you’re committing an embarrassing mealtime faux pas. Ever walked around with a bit of spinach on display in your teeth? Unfortunately, this is a likely problem with traditional braces. Cleaning your teeth becomes significantly more time-consuming when you have to work around metal hardware. Many people use special orthodontic floss to thread the fibers through wires and between teeth; using a Proxabrush (“Christmas tree” brush) is also recommended to remove leftover food from hardware. It’s not any wonder that so many patients develop cavities during their orthodontic treatment—at least, until invisible braces came along. Because the plastic aligners are easily removed and re-applied, keeping your teeth clean during treatment is infinitely more efficient and effective. You can brush, floss, and rinse with no special steps or oral care products.

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