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Insurance Won’t Cover Teeth Whitening? Try This Instead

We often receive questions from patients about whether dental insurance covers such cosmetic treatments as teeth whitening. The answer varies from one plan to another, but this does not mean that your insurance benefits cannot go toward improving the look of your smile. Professional teeth cleaning and twice-a-year dental exams go a long way toward keeping teeth white and attractive. What other preventive measures can be taken to promote whiter, more attractive teeth?

Exams Prevent More Than Just Cavities

Your comprehensive dental checkup benefits oral health by allowing us to screen for periodontal disease, an abnormal bite, and oral cancer—three fairly common conditions with effects ranging from unpleasant (tooth loss caused by gum disease) to outright deadly (oral cancer). During your exam, dentist can also evaluate your risk for staining and discoloration, such as that caused by diet, tobacco use, or taking some types of medications. Once these risks are identified, you can make the necessary changes to your hygiene or lifestyle.

The Power of Professional Cleaning

Your toothbrush can easily remove a thin film of plaque from teeth, but what happens if plaque hardens into tartar? This yellow or brown buildup has a cement-like, chalky texture that cannot be broken down and removed with your toothbrush and floss. Tartar is unsightly at best; at worst, it contributes to gum infections as it insinuates itself in impossible-to-reach places near the roots of your teeth and beneath the gum tissue. Ultrasonic scaling, a powerful method of removing buildup, benefits your smile by preventing or arresting receding gums, tooth loss, and an unnatural gum line caused by swollen or overgrown tissue.

Simple Preventive Steps, Big Esthetic Payoff

Practicing excellent hygiene is your strongest ally against a smile sullied by brown or yellow stains. In addition to the minimum of twice-daily brushing, take care to clean your teeth any time you eat or drink anything other than water. This prevents debris from mixing with bacteria and clinging to your teeth and the white enamel that covers each one. If you cannot brush, sugar-free gum is one alternative. Also, we recommend rinsing your mouth with water for one minute to loosen and flush away leftover food.

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