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A Quick Oral Health Quiz on Teens’ Teeth

When most people think about their years as a teenager, they focus on things like senior prom and getting their driver’s license. What not every teen understands is the importance of establishing healthy habits during this time. Caring for one’s teeth and gums during the formidable teen years is a challenge, but it’s also necessary. Parents and teens, how much do you really know about preventing tooth decay in teenagers?

True or False: Sports and Energy Drinks Are Better Than Soda for Teeth

False. Sugar and high acidity make soda doubly destructive on your tooth enamel. Energy shots and sports drinks are often marketed as healthy and packed with vitamins, but some contain as much as or more sugar than soda. These beverages are also extremely acidic. Over time, this acidity can contribute to tooth decay.

True or False: Smokeless Tobacco Is Healthier Than Cigarettes

False. While smokeless tobacco products may not pose the same risk as cigarettes for, say, lung cancer, chewing tobacco is actually more likely to cause oral cancer–that is, cancer of the tongue, lips, and cheek. Tobacco of any kind can cause stubborn brown or yellow stains that are too harsh to be removed with teeth whitening. Tobacco also dramatically increases your odds of developing gum disease and ultimately tooth loss.

True or False: Toothpaste Cannot Clear Up Pimples

True. Surprise! Toothpaste is best used with a toothbrush rather than as a skin treatment. This rumor probably started when someone noticed that applying toothpaste to one’s skin causes it to dry out. What not everyone realizes is that certain ingredients found in toothpaste can actually do more harm than good, resulting in a rash or even rosacea.

True or False: Cavities Are Caused By Sugar

False. Eating or drinking a lot of sugary substances increases your risk of developing cavities, but the sugar itself is not to blame. Actually, the problems is with the bacteria living in your mouth. These bacteria utilize sugar as food, producing acids and mixing with food to form icky plaque. These acids eat away at your tooth enamel, making the tooth more vulnerable to decay. The toxins produced in plaque are also an irritant to your gums.

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