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Spend Some to Save Some: Oral Health Tips

We’re all for scoring a good deal and stretching our dollar, but sometimes you have to spend money to save it. The holidays in particular are a time when families look for ways to cut costs. There is nothing wrong with tracking down the best deals or clipping coupons as long as you keep your health and that of your family as a priority–and that includes your oral health.

Being a Miser With Maintenance Costs

Of all the opportunities you have to save money, maintenance expenses are not the best place to start. This is true not only for your house and car, but also for your health. Sometimes,  it’s the simplest preventive measures that make all the difference. Brushing and flossing are perfect examples of simple, affordable steps that require minimal effort and maximum benefits. The same goes for replacing your toothbrush, which the American Dental Association advises should be done every three to four months–sooner if the bristles become bent, frayed, or won.

Not Using Your Insurance Benefits

You pay good money for your insurance benefits, whether we’re talking about medical, prescription, vision, or, yes, even dental insurance. If you do not use them before the end of the year, there’s a good chance you’ve kissed your money good-bye. We encourage our patients to schedule a full dental checkup every six months, so if you haven’t had one in the first half of the year, now’s a good time.

Avoiding Much-Needed Treatment

That twinge of pain you feel when you bite into your sandwich? It might not seem too terrible right now, but delaying treatment could set you up for a nasty surprise—the last thing anyone needs during the stressful holiday season. Believe it or not, dental disasters don’t just happen overnight. A tooth does not become infected and excruciatingly painful in a matter of hours. It might begin with a minor cavity that, left untreated, results in significant decay. A simple filling may have been sufficient at first, but now a root canal procedure is needed.

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