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Do All Foods Stain Your Teeth?

You might not be able to avoid teeth stains your whole life. Even if you take good care of them, your teeth can eventually begin to show the signs of use, becoming dull and losing some of its youthful glow due to teeth stains and/or discoloration. As the most common and frequent causes of stains, the foods and beverages that your teeth come into contact with will slowly, but surely, leave their mark on your smile’s hue. While darker substances have a greater propensity for it, the truth is that all foods can potentially stain your teeth. Fortunately, a professional teeth-whitening treatment can erase these common blemishes and rejuvenate your smile quickly and conveniently.

The Secret is in the Details

Even though you might not immediately notice it, the color of your food is left behind on your teeth every time you eat. Chromogens, or color molecules, that dictate the shades and colors of your meal tend to stick to your tooth enamel—the outer layer of your teeth. While you can rinse food particles and molecules away with water, or clean them away more thoroughly with your toothbrush and floss, they can eventually leave enough of a trace to alter the shade of your teeth.

How to Erase Teeth Stains

While food-induced teeth-stains are not always preventable, you can prolong their appearance by keeping your teeth consistently clean with good hygiene and preventive care. If your teeth are already stained, you can restore their appearance with our innovative KöR whitening system. Combining a quick in-office treatment (usually lasting about an hour) and a custom take-home kit, the KöR Deep Bleaching system can effectively erase cosmetic teeth stains, including most stubborn ones, to eliminate the accumulated evidence of your past meals.


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