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How Has Your Dental Hygiene Held Up?

At the moment, your teeth might feel just fine, and your hygiene routine may seem perfectly adequate. You may skip brushing or flossing once in a while, and you might have missed your last dental checkup appointment, but your teeth and gums still appear healthy. The problem is that dental issues don’t announce their presence immediately, but rather develop covertly from the accumulation of bacteria-rich dental plaque. Missing a single beat in your dental hygiene routine can grant oral bacteria the window they need to develop into tooth decay and gum disease.

You Brush…But Do You Floss?

Even if you recognize and respect the need to brush your teeth at least twice every day, without fail, you might find it easier to skip flossing once in a while. Since it can take longer than brushing, time is perhaps the most common excuse. If you don’t floss at least once a day, oral bacteria can feed on the food particles caught between your teeth and create harmful substances, like acids and toxins, that attack your teeth and gums.

Do You Still Fear Cavities?

As a child, your parents may have partly used fear to keep you and your smile safe from excessive sugar consumption, which can lead to cavities. Warnings that your teeth can rot, however, come less frequently as you age and your parents stop telling you what to do (for the most part). Keep in mind that over-indulgence in candy, sodas, and other sugary substances can negate your dental hygiene efforts and lead to one or more cavities.

Are Dental Cleanings a Priority?

Perhaps the most-often overlooked part of a good dental hygiene routine are the regular dental visits you should attend at least once every six months, and sometimes more often. Dental checkups allow us a close look at your teeth and gums to detect any developing issues, then recommend treatment to prevent such issues from causing severe damage. Your hygienist will also thoroughly clean your teeth of harmful plaque, and more harmful tartar (calcified plaque), to reduce your risks of developing tooth decay or gum disease until your next visit.


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