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The Main Reasons for Tooth-Colored Fillings

They may be among the most common dental restorations, but that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys having a filling placed in a tooth. Nevertheless, if you have one, then you need the filling not only to restore your tooth, but also to prevent the cavity from growing and consuming the entire tooth. If the reason why you’re unhappy with your dental filling is because of its metallic appearance, then we may recommend replacing it with a tooth-colored one. Made from innovative composite resin, instead of a mixture of metals, tooth-colored fillings are designed to remain discreet, as well as to function better than their metal counterparts.

They’re Tooth-Colored

As their name suggests, tooth-colored fillings are tinted to the exact color and shade of the tooth being treated. The filling, which is placed inside of a cavity (or hole caused by tooth decay), can still be visible even after the restoration is completed. For metal fillings, this means that the metallic shine of the restoration will still be noticeable every time you open your mouth to speak, smile, yawn, and laugh. With composite resin, however, your filling will remain unnoticeable as it blends in with your tooth’s pearly-white appearance.

Composite Resin Works Better Than Metal

Besides its appearance, resin is typically recommended for treating cavities because of its abilities to conform precisely to the shape of the cavity, and to bond securely to a tooth’s structure. Filling in the entire empty space of the cavity creates more structural support for the weakened tooth, and the tighter seal makes for more effective protection against oral bacteria. If the bacteria slip past the filling, as they may do with metal fillings, then your tooth will once again become infected with decay, and you may require root canal therapy or a tooth extraction to resolve the issue.


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