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Do Dental Crowns Develop Teeth Stains?

If you’ve ever needed to restore a tooth, either because it’s been damaged or because it’s been infected with a cavity, then there is a good chance that you still wear the dental crown that was used to treat it. Dental crowns, or caps, are dental appliances designed to mimic and cover the top, visible portion of your tooth. Besides fixing a tooth, a dental crown may also be in a highly visible spot, depending on the location of the tooth, and therefore plays a significant role in your smile’s appearance.

How Modern Dental Crowns Are Made

While modern crowns can be crafted from a wide variety of materials (depending on need and preference), the most frequently-used material is dental porcelain. Made to mimic your tooth structure more precisely than most other materials, dental porcelain not only matches your teeth’s natural color, but also their ability to reflect light. Once your dental crown is crafted and placed over the tooth, it will not stain. However, if the teeth around them grow dull, then you may require a teeth-whitening procedure to brighten them to match the dental crown again.

Keep Your Dental Crown, and Teeth, Beautiful

Keeping stains off of your dental crown is much like keeping stains from becoming prominent on your teeth. Brush and crown and floss around it whenever you brush and floss your teeth, taking care not to scrub too harshly. Also, visit your dentist as often as recommended (usually every six months) so we can ensure your continued good dental health and stain-free smile. If the crown is damaged or otherwise compromised, then we can replace it as soon as possible.


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