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Clear Braces Quiz: What You Should Know

Adults fret when they desire to straighten their teeth but do not want to use traditional metal braces. Embarrassment that they have to wear braces in general keeps most adults away from correcting their smile. Fortunately, with Clear Correct braces offered at your local Shrewsbury, Ma dental office, you can align your smile for aesthetic beauty and integral functionality. Take the quiz below to find out more about clear braces and if they’d be right for you.

True or False?

Clear Correct Braces are virtually invisible, plastic trays.


Traditional braces take less time than clear braces


Clear braces force lifestyle changes during the treatment.


Check Your Answers

True: Clear Correct and other clear braces are made to be virtually invisible, offering a discrete, effective way to straighten teeth. Other options include Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, which also realign teeth in the same manner.

False: In most cases, Clear Correct takes less time to straighten teeth. However, there are cases that clear braces could take longer than traditional braces, but the advantages of the virtually invisible trays out weigh the metal wires.

False: The plastic, removable trays allow for you to continue your lifestyle prior to the orthodontic treatment. In many cases, the clear braces alternative to metal encourage people to do more with their lives without feeling limited by their teeth.

The Benefits

Not only does a straight smile look aesthetically pleasing, but it also facilitates a healthy environment in your mouth. Bacteria and decay have a higher chance of flourishing on and around your teeth if they are crooked or misaligned. Straight, even teeth are easier to keep clean.

Depending on your malocclusion, your clear braces treatment can last anywhere from six months to two years. In most cases, the clear tray benefit outweighs the duration.


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