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Why Pediatric Dentistry Is So Different

Most would assume that a child’s teeth are similar to an adult’s teeth. In most cases, this assumption is true. Enamel make up a large majority of teeth. They’re all rooted in gums and jawbone, and they stimulate blood flow via soft tissues and bone. However, a child’s smile is in flux during development stages and acquiring their permanent teeth, which means dental care is different for them than it is their parents or other adults. Your local Shrewsbury, Ma dentist explains some important facts about pediatric dentistry. 

Their “Baby Teeth”

Primary teeth are just as important as permanent teeth. Taking care of the child’s first set of teeth lays the foundation for the final set to come. Even though baby teeth fall out eventually, infection and decay can still run rampant in a child’s mouth. Ensuring the health and well being of a child’s first set of teeth could mean the difference between further dental issues or an optimal oral environment with a bright healthy smile.

Growth And Alignment

Malocclusion, crooked teeth, can affect a child’s oral health structurally. In extreme cases, if teeth or jawbone are developing abnormally, measures need to be taken to ensure proper growth. Without orthodontics or guided maturation, the child’s incorrect alignment could cause more serious issues in the future.

Early And Often

Preventive dental care is highly encouraged for children and adults alike. Instilling proper dental habits, such as: brushing, flossing, and rinsing helps ensure a beautiful smile and a healthy, balanced mouth. Preventive care also reduces the chance of infection, decay, and disease from occurring.

Children, depending on their oral health status, need to visit the dentist on a regular basis like adults. Although, in some cases, they need a higher volume of visits to ensure their oral health remains optimum.


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