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Dental Crowns: A Comprehensive Quiz

Those who need a dental crown typically suffer from one or a combination of the following oral health issues: tooth decay, gum disease, or traumatic damage. For those looking to remedy any one or all of these issues, your Shrewsbury, Ma dentist offers a restorative dental procedure that may be viable in correcting your smile after the infection and decay are removed. A dental crown caps the remaining portion of the tooth, allowing the original roots to remain and continue stimulating the surrounding soft tissue and underlying jawbone.


1. A dental crown can restore a tooth from the following condition(s).

  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • failed root canal therapy
  • a & c

2. How does a dental crown help your tooth?

  • covers the above-the-gumline enamel called the crown
  • replaces the entire tooth and roots
  • heals the surrounding soft tissue
  • replaces the portion of the jawbone lost

3. What other procedures can a dental crown be used in?

  • root canal
  • dental implant
  • bridge
  • b & c

The Answer Key

1. d, a & c. A crown can be used to restore a tooth that has suffered from tooth decay and gum disease. Once the decay and infection have been removed, the dentist can then examine, fit, create, and place a dental crown to restore the tooth’s function and beauty.

2. a, covers the above-the-gumline enamel called the crown. The enamel shown above your gumline is called the crown of the tooth. A dental crown covers this area of the tooth, restoring structural integrity, function, and aesthetic appeal back to your smile.

3. b & c, dental implant & bridge. If a tooth is in need of a cap to ensure integrity and function, a dental crown is most likely a viable option. In a bridge procedure, the prosthetic is used to support the bridge between two adjacent teeth, if a dental implant is not being used.


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