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Dental Filling Discomfort?

Pain is never a good thing when it comes to your mouth. If you’re experience any level of discomfort, it is highly suggested that you visit your dentist as soon as possible to determine why you’re in such agony. Unfortunately, you may discover after visiting your local Shrewsbury, Ma dentist that you have a cavity, either severe or new. This is cause for concern and treatment. A dental filling is a viable solution for filling the tiny holes created by bacteria on your teeth called cavities.

What’s A Dental Filling?

Tooth decay is a consistent presence in your mouth along side gum disease. Although the bacteria are different in each existence, they both strive to spread and flourish in perfect moist dark environment called the mouth.

If decay is present on any one of your teeth, it can cause a few symptoms to alarm you that something isn’t right. The most common discomfort is sensitivity to pressure or temperature. Most patients come in saying the, either have a toothache or hypersensitive teeth. This is a popular sign that they are experiencing a cavity dug too deep by the bacteria.

A filing is used to fill the holes decay creates in your enamel, once the bacteria have been cleaned away. A dental filling is usually either amalgam or composite. There are benefits to each, but your dentist will decide which is viable for your oral issue.

How Enamel Restoration Helps

Simply cleaning out the decay won’t reduce the chance of a reoccurrence of bacteria on that tooth. The most effective process, in a high majority of cases, is to restore your enamel back to its original strength and functionality, so if and when the decay returns your tooth is protected.

Not only do fillings restore enamel, they can also be colored to match your smile. This type of filling is called a composite resin filling. It allows for shading, so that your dentist and you are the only two that know you’ve had a procedure or treatment.


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