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Ultrasonic Scaling: The Future Of Dentistry?

Plaque accumulates on your teeth throughout the day. It’s inevitable. That plaque can actually turn into what’s called tartar: a hardened substance that facilitates gum disease and tooth decay, if you do not brush and floss routinely. You also need to scheduled dental visits to ensure your mouth is healthy. Unfortunately, gingivitis and more serious conditions can develop. In these circumstances, your local dentist in Shrewsbury, MA recommends an ultrasonic cleaning to assist in remedying the issue.

A Brief Explanation

Considered a preventive procedure, Ultrasonic cleaning removes plaque beneath your gumline and hardened tartar otherwise remaining after brushing and flossing. This treatment is generally known as scaling and deep cleaning, which utilizes a dental instrument that vibrates and produces liquid to remove the film accumulated on your teeth. The procedure also uses antibacterial treatment so your gums and teeth are cleansed and protected.

The Benefits To For You

Various complications can arise when dealing with gingivitis or related diseases, such as: redness, swelling, bleeding, infection, tooth loss, etc. An Ultrasonic scaling can assist in reducing the more serious issues while remedying the minor ones. If you so happen to ignore the infection in your mouth, it can develop into a more serious condition involving tooth extraction and implant.

You benefit from this preventive procedure in the following ways: 1. Reduces discomfort from disease or infection, 2. The procedure helps with preventing further invasive treatments, 3. Reduces chance of tooth loss or extraction, and 4. You will enjoy a beautiful healthy smile on a daily basis after preventing the more serious issues.

Virtually Anyone Can Opt In

If you’re interested in Ultrasonic scaling, let your dentist know. A thorough examination will be completed before administering the treatment. Also, if you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis recently, you are more than likely an ideal candidate for this preventive treatment.


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