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Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Treatment

Have you begun to wonder why you are suffering from daily fatigue even though you experience sound sleep on a nightly basis? If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may not actually be getting as much shut-eye as you think. Not quite sure what this disorder entails but you find that you are feeling intrigued? We encourage you to learn more about symptoms and treatment if your days are becoming increasingly frustrating as a result of drained energy and all that accompanies it. Fortunately, treatment is non-invasive and comfortable, and may quickly set you back on track toward successful sleep.

Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

The basis of sleep apnea is this: While you sleep, your throat muscles – which should remain active – completely relax. When they relax, they cause your throat tissues to collapse completely, blocking your airways. For a moment, you stop breathing until your brain recognizes it is not receiving enough oxygen. The result? You wake, gasping for air, and quickly fall asleep – most patients do not remember this event. They do, however, recognize the following symptoms:

  • You likely feel moody during the day without obvious cause
  • You may have difficulty concentrating for no apparent reason
  • Most patients experience daily fatigue and exhaustion that continues to worsen

About Treatment

To improve your nightly sleep, while promoting open air passages, we will offer oral appliance therapy. This noninvasive treatment includes the use of comfortable devices similar to mouthguards. You will wear one while you sleep to delicately shift your jaw into a more beneficial alignment for successful breathing. The results typically include comfortable, solid sleep, improved daily energy, and an improvement in the common symptoms associated with sleep apnea.


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