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Dental Checkups: Your Questions

Do you have any idea why we recommend that you schedule a dental checkup once every six months? You are probably pretty convinced that we are sincere about keeping your teeth and gums healthy and comfortable but you may not yet feel certain that seeing us two times a year is essential. Before you assume anything about your twice-annual checkups, we invite you to look over the following collection of questions and answers. It may shed some light on the significance of preventive care:

Questions About Dental Checkups (And Answers)

Question: Why do I need checkups if I take care of my teeth?

Answer: Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums and visit us for a cleaning two times a year, it is important that we monitor your oral health. Though optimal home and professional care greatly decrease your chances for something abnormal occurring, hygiene does not make you immune to potential concerns. Whether a cavity begins to appear or oral cancer makes its earlier appearance, checkups allow us to detect and treat problems before serious damage happens.

Question: What happens during a dental checkup?

Answer: We will examine you visually first – we will also ask that you let us know if you have noticed any changes. Your checkup will also include advanced imaging, including digital X-rays to take a close, detailed look at your oral cavity. We will use intraoral cameras, so you can take a look at high-resolution image of what we see when we look in your mouth.

Question: Do you look for anything other than tooth decay and oral cancer?

Answer: Yes, your dental checkups are comprehensive. We may also identify other underlying concerns, such as TMJ discomfort (jaw joint problems), bruxism (teeth grinding), or sleep apnea. 


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