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TMJ Disorder Relief: A Quiz

Suffering from TMJ disorder can cause severe discomfort. In addition, you may find yourself dealing with frustration as you try to figure out why your jaw joints are not functioning up to snuff and what to do about it. The good news is that there are some simple remedies for alleviating stress and strain on your TMJs. While you may feel overwhelmed by the need to figure out how to achieve comfort, we encourage you to remain calm and relaxed. Treating your jaw tension is less complicated than you may think. Wondering if you already know all there is to know or if you could learn a thing or two? Find out more with the following quiz:

TMJ True-or-False Quiz

  1. True or False: One of the easiest ways to alleviate jaw discomfort associated with TMJ disorder is to visit us for TMJ treatment.
  2. True or False: Learning about ways to de-stress during the day can contribute significantly to decreasing TMJ discomfort.
  3. True or False: There’s nothing we can do to relax the muscles around your TMJs.

Quiz Answer Key

  1. True. We offer oral appliance therapy to remove stress from your jaw joints. This just means that we will provide you with a customized mouthguard that you will wear during sleep. The device will gently reposition the way your jaws are aligned as a way to give your joints some time to rest.
  2. True. Many patients clench their teeth or their jaws and surrounding muscles as the result of daily anxiety or momentary stress. A good way to relieve these problems and associated TMJ disorder is to find ways to relieve general stress and anxiety, such as meditation or yoga.
  3. False. You can take over-the-counter medicine to relieve pain or discomfort until the strain subsides through other therapies. We also offer Botox to relax the muscles if you are dealing with significant discomfort that will just not go away.


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