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What to Expect From Dental Bonding

Have you been staring at a chip in your tooth for so long that you can’t really remember what your smile looked like before it showed up? Perhaps you have other concerns that cause you to feel a little bit shy or embarrassed about the appearance of your smile. If you have long wondered if there’s a way to add a little more tissue to your teeth to improve your smile, you are in luck. We offer dental bonding to create the illusion of more tooth tissue. Ready to learn more about the details and to discover whether bonding is right for your needs? Read further:

How Bonding Works

Dental bonding is an additive process. This means that the cosmetic treatment includes the placement of what looks like additional tissue on your tooth – it’s like the “opposite” of contouring, which removes a bit of tissue to improve your smile. To begin, we will evaluate your smile to find out more about your smile goals and whether bonding is appropriate.

Next, we will place composite, a tooth-colored, moldable substance, on the target site. We will then sculpt the material according to your needs. To harden the material for long-term wear, we will set it with a special curing light and then polish your tooth for beautiful shine and a natural appearance. Keep in mind, we will color-match the composite to the shade of your tooth for an undetectable addition.

Who Qualifies for Bonding?

You qualify for bonding if you need additional tooth tissue to achieve your smile goals. For the most part, we offer cosmetic treatments for patients whose teeth are in good health. For instance, if you are suffering from tooth decay, we may first suggest that you restore the health of your tooth before improving the way it looks. Once you are ready, we may offer dental bonding for patients dealing with the following issues:

  • You would like to close small gaps or “triangles” between your teeth
  • You have minor chips in your teeth
  • Your teeth display unsightly minor cracks that you do not like and you would like to camouflage them
  • You are struggling with a stained tooth
  • You would like to lengthen a tooth that is shorter than those surrounding it


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