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Dental Sealants: What You Want To Know

Taking care of your child includes making sure your son or daughter’s smile remains healthy and comfortable. Unfortunately, making decisions can become difficult when you feel ill informed about your options. The good news is that we offer dental sealants to protect your child’s hard-to-reach teeth and we’re even ready to offer you the factual information you need to feel comfortable saying, “yes” to treatment. We encourage you to incorporate sealants into your child’s pediatric dental care treatment plan, which may make a bit more sense to you after you read over the following information:

Sealant Basics

A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating. We will place this sealant over your child’s back teeth. Why? Back teeth are full of tiny groove and fissures, which provide excellent hiding places for food particles and bacteria. Once this occurs, the chance of your child developing tooth decay rises. Rather than leaving these difficult-to-reach teeth vulnerable, we encourage you to seal them with dental sealants. A sealant provides a barrier that physically prevents plaque and its bacteria from adhering to the chewing surface of back molars.

About The Process

We will clean your child’s teeth to prep them for the dental sealant. This is a completely comfortable preventive procedure that will typically take a single visit. We will then paint a thin layer of plastic over back teeth, which your child will not be able to see (you won’t either). However, the benefits of this nearly invisible treatment will continue for up to 10 years. Once we have placed the sealants, we will set them with a special curing light. It is really that simple to provide your child with exceptional protection against cavity formation and the potential need for restorative treatments, such as fillings.


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