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Getting to the Root of Your Oral Health Problems

It’s not uncommon for patients with tooth sensitivity or pain to avoid the dentist, for fear of scary procedures or even an extraction. The term “root canal,” seems to be particularly frightening to many people, even those who don’t know what that procedure actually entails. In reality, a root canal treatment is often the best way to not only eliminate your tooth’s pain, but to save the tooth from hurting worse in time, or even falling out. So if you’ve noticed chips or cracks in your teeth, suffered an injury, or have noticed pain in a tooth, now’s the perfect time to see if a root canal treatment could help.

A Root Canal is a Part of Your Tooth; Treatment Could Help Save It

“Root canal,” though commonly used to refer to a procedure, is actually the bottom part of your tooth, where nerve tissues live. This is called pulp, and it’s an important part of your tooth, and one that can drastically effect your oral health. When the pulp becomes infected, it can lead to decay from within the tooth. It can also spread the infection to your gums, and even other parts of your body.

Root canal treatment is when we carefully remove the infected pulp, then seal the tooth, often with a crown, in order to prevent further infection. When done quickly, the treatment is often able to save the tooth, and to protect the rest of your smile as well.

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Treatment

During an initial consultation we can examine your tooth to see if there is, in fact, an infection. We’ll then go over the treatment with you, and discuss your restorative options, which often include use of a porcelain crown to seal the tooth after the procedure. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions, and address your anesthesia options, so that when it comes time to have your treatment done, you can do so relaxed and confident.


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