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Restorative Dentistry: Learning The Basics

Even if you take care of your smile, you can still find yourself in need of repairs. Or, if you have accidentally become a bit laid back with your usual dental hygiene practices, you may also find that you require a little assistance in getting your smile back to good health when problems arise. Fortunately, we offer restorative dentistry to revive your oral wellbeing, so you can enjoy healthy teeth. Not sure what type of problems we address with restorations? Fortunately, from a minor cavity to an infection or seriously broken tooth, we are prepared to address your concerns.

Why Restorative Care?

Your teeth may suffer from a variety of problems. If plaque remains on tooth surfaces for too long, tooth decay may develop and will progress (like most oral diseases). If a strong impact cracks or breaks your tooth, you will need a repair. Wonder why you can’t just ignore the problem? We suggest restorative dentistry because once your tooth or teeth decline in health and structure, the problem will continue to worsen. This may lead to poor daily comfort, difficulty with simple functions like chewing, and a smile that will continually become more expensive to fix. Address issues immediately for effective treatment.

Restorative Treatment Options for Your Smile

We offer a varied selection of restorative dentistry treatments, so you can rest easy knowing your visit with us will yield excellent results. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to oral hygiene or a sudden, unexpected trauma, we can help with one or more of the following treatments:

  • Fillings to address tooth decay
  • Dental crowns to offer support and protection to weak or damaged teeth
  • Root canal treatment to address an infected tooth
  • Extractions to remove highly problematic teeth, so we may replace them, while protecting your smile


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