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Summer is a Prime Time to Protect Your Kids’ Oral Health

Chances are you may have already heard parents’ most dreaded phrase this summer. “I’m bored!” It can be difficult to keep young children entertained throughout the summer months, even harder to get them interested in taking care of their teeth. But a visit to our office could be a great solution to both! At Modern Dentistry we specialize in pediatric care, offering both cleanings and education for children as young as two. By scheduling an checkup and cleaning this summer you can help your school-aged children avoid missing any classes, and help even your youngest to get more excited about taking great care of their precious smiles!

What Treatments Do You Offer for Kids?

Children two and older should see the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, because we can help watch for problems such as the possible need for orthodontic treatment, gum infections, and can help prevent cavities as well.

Along with cleanings, we also offer and recommend sealants and fluoride treatments, which can further help to protect your children’s teeth, by strengthening them and preventing premature decay.

How Can You Help With Educating Them About Oral Health?

Education is one of the most important aspects of preventive care, especially for children. Regular visits not only help children become more comfortable with dentists, they can also be an important tool in helping your kids understand the need for proper oral hygiene and care.

We can help your kids understand the role their diet plays in their oral health, teach them the proper ways to brush and floss, and explain the ways healthy teeth and gums make for prettier smiles and healthier adults. If they learn at a young age how to take great care of their teeth, they’re far more likely to enjoy decades of oral health.


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