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Snoring: Could It Be More Than an Annoyance?

Some people snore at night without ever realizing it. But for those with partners who have ever been awoken by the noise, complaints about snoring may be frequent and embarrassing. If you are one of the many snorers in America, though, your problems could be worse than an annoyed partner. In fact, your ability to get adequate rest and your health could be in jeopardy. Sleep apnea, a leading cause of snoring, can be a dangerous condition because it affects your ability to breathe consistently as you sleep.

When Is Snoring a Big Deal?

If you’re not sleeping soundly, as is the case with sleep apnea, your body can suffer the same effects of those with insomnia and other serious sleep conditions. So if your snoring is frequent, loud, or even if you just find yourself tired frequently, even after a normal amount of sleep, it is in your best interested to determine if sleep apnea could be a problem you’re facing.

Common symptoms of sleep apnea, besides snoring, include feeling fatigued or extremely tired, dry mouth or soreness in your throat when you wake up, moodiness or problems focusing during the day. If you have ever woken up gasping for breath, or your significant other has heard you gasping for breath in your sleep, it is highly likely that you are suffering from some form of sleep apnea.

How Can A Preventive Dentist Help?

There are several forms and causes of sleep apnea, but if yours is related to the position of your jaw, then we can help. A customized oral appliance is often a quick and effective way to treat sleep apnea.

Oral appliances are much like the mouth or night guards you may already be familiar with, and they treat sleep apnea by helping to keep your airways open as you sleep by gently repositioning your jaw. These appliances are comfortable for most patients, can eliminate your snoring, and most importantly, can help you to sleep restfully and safely.


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