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How to Care for Your Removable Dentures

If you have recently been fitted with partial dentures, then you may still be adjusting to your new smile. It can take time to get used to the feel of dentures, and how to speak and chew with them confidently. But even while you are adjusting to your new denture, you should take the time to learn how to properly care for it. That way you will be able to enjoy it, and the way it restores your smile, for many years to come. We can provide great tips for properly cleaning your removable denture.

What You Should Do

  • You should clean your dentures every day, to remove food particles, plaque, and to prevent any staining. Always rinse your dentures thoroughly before placing them in your mouth.
  • Choosing a dental cleaner that’s marked with the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance is also important.
  • Leave the denture in a glass of water or soaking solution overnight, as dentures need to retain moisture in order to keep their proper shape.

What Not to Do

  • You’ll need to avoid using toothpaste on your dentures, as it can be far too abrasive for the dentures. You should also avoid the use of hard bristled brushes. Soft bristled toothbrushes and specially designed dentures brushes are preferable.
  • While it is possible to safely clean your dishes with a mild dishwashing soap or hand soap, do so with caution, as many household cleaners are also too harsh for use with dentures.
  • Don’t try to clean your dentures over an open sink, as they can fall down the drain. Instead, either stop the sink or place a towel on your counter to clean your dentures over.
  • Do not use denture cleaner to gargle, and do not swallow any of it.


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